"When I have difficult decisions to make or I need advice regarding the direction of my nonprofit, Carrie and Shawnee have been by my side helping me grow and trust for everything He has called me to." 

Dana Ladewig
Founder, Outcast Redeemed

"Carrie has helped me overcome fear...realizing that God does not call the qualified. He qualifies those that He calls.
She helps me overcome and reminds me to fix my eyes on Jesus. "

Street Light Ministries

"Being connected to Carrie and Shawnee has been a great blessing. They helped me realize that I needed to take a day off from work and just sit and pray for God's guidance in my nonprofit and overall direction in my life. I am thankful for all the support and help they have given me." 

Angelia Jamerson
Journey of Love, Ghana


Your purchase of these courses funds the fighting and healing of sex trafficking in Mombasa, Kenya and economic business empowerment opportunities for these girls and women !