Do You Feel God Calling You to Launch A Christian NonProfit Ministry?

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➥ Are you feeling alone and WAY over your head and abilities?

➥ Is the thought of legal paperwork, funding sources, social media,  overcoming you with fear, anxiety, and overwhelm? Do you need to catch your breath just thinking about it?

➥ Are you feeling afraid that you aren’t smart enough or don’t have what it takes?

➥ Are you afraid you will NEVER be able to get any funding even if you do get it set up?

 We Can Help You! 

"Carrie has so much wisdom in the area of nonprofits and it is especially rare to find someone with knowledge in international nonprofits.  
She has been an amazing mentor for me as well. I have so many takeaways!  The one I need to remember the most - Do nothing without prayer."

- Dana

Carrie regularly appears on TV and radio.

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Carrie Reichartz



Hi I’m Carrie!  As a retired lawyer and founder of two successful nonprofits, I teach women who are overwhelmed when starting or growing their nonprofit ministry to soar.

What if I told you, you could be a member of our online community with step-by-step training and 24/7 support to quickly be enabled to successfully, profitably, and sustainably do what God has called you to in your nonprofit ministry?

"The sound advice of Carrie Reichartz was just what I needed as I navigated the uncharted waters of embarking the journey to launch a nonprofit.  Each next step in establishing your organization or ministry requires someone with knowledge to present the various options and necessary legal requirements specific to your city, state, or country. Carrie’s style of listening, insightful questioning, and sound reasoning from her past experience provide you, as the client, with an individualized plan for you to become the Founder of a nonprofit of excellence."

- Linda Oberbrunner
Author, Social Worker

"Carrie has helped me become more acquainted with the nonprofit process by answering general questions such as, how to fill out appropriate answers on applications, how to financially manage a nonprofit, how to navigate the nonprofit world in the international market, how to organize and fundraise for events and so much more!"

- Ndido

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Get rid of frustration and put the fun back in raising money for your organization. Learn our 5 Stars of Nonprofit Ministry Fundraising so you can fund your nonprofit ministry the way God intended with ease and grace. 

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My Nonprofit Story

I enjoyed my first profession as a practicing attorney, where I was named a “Rising Star Lawyer” by Milwaukee Magazine until I found my life’s work and passion on a mission trip to Kenya that changed my life forever.

I left law to start my own business and also "give a voice" to women who have suffered emotional trauma including exiting of sex trafficking.

I am fighting systemic spiritual, emotional, and financial poverty for young moms in Mombasa, Kenya through Operation Give Hope, the first nonprofit I established.

Now through Infinitely More Life, I and my team, speak around the world helping people recognize and acknowledge life traumas, work through them with Christ, and turn them into triumphs through conferences, books, and online events and gatherings.

I have assisted 100s to start their own domestic or international nonprofits over the years since I left law.

Now I am sharing from my years of experience, knowledge, and wisdom of what works and what does not work to grow a profitable, solid, and sustainable, Christian nonprofit with you.

Not Getting Results?

Are you driven and hardworking but feel like you're being thrown all over the place with tons of courses and programs that just don’t get the results you are looking for?

Leaving you feeling alone in this journey again even after spending money for help. 


As a Best-Selling author herself, Carrie has also written the forward to How to Dominate Your Fundraising to Create Your Success  written by Wayne Elsey founder of Souls4Souls a nonprofit whose goal it is to get shoes into the hand of every child in the world.

Wayne took that company from a 0 budget to $74M before leaving to work on more sustainable and impactful nonprofit ventures in the areas of shoes including Funds2orgs.

Carrie's Ministries Have Partnered With: 

Are your husband, children, friends not getting any time with you as you are trying to piecemeal this ministry together taking a ton of time and wasting a lot of money?

Are you constantly disappointed by promises from courses, friends, volunteers saying they will help you but that never actually get you the results you want and need?



Do You Need Encouragement in Your Nonprofit Leadership Journey?
 Listen to Our Christian Rocketeers: Rocket Your Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

By reading this far, you’ve PROVEN that you are willing to DO the work – you just want to make sure you are investing in the RIGHT work.

Christian Rocketeers will move you from a thought in your head to a sustainable, profitable, and scalable nonprofit in 8-weeks or less. In addition, we are a community, a place to come for guidance, step-by-step training, support, and wisdom on all things nonprofit ministries - fundraising to social media to legal and accounting. 


Your purchase of this course funds the fighting and healing of sex trafficking in Mombasa, Kenya and economic business empowerment opportunities for these girls and women !

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