“Save 12 Years of Learning Curves, Huge Emotional Pitfalls, And Financial Waste”

“God Has Called Us To Serve YOU Who Are Building His Kingdom”

“…with the plug & play success system He gave us that is working for 100s of others, too!”

➥ Are you living overwhelmed and disorganized?
➥ Would you like to triple your funding with a proven success plan that has worked for us and the clients we serve?
 ➥ Want funding results? Check out these:

💪 $7,000 in a few weeks from our “friends & family” letter to ease hearts of grieving parents.  
💪 $7,500 in 1 day for land to build a community center in the DR for hurting children.  
💪 $42,000 in 1.5 month to add a vocational floor to a maternity home.

Here’s a sampling of what our clients have to say…

"Carrie has so much wisdom in the area of nonprofits and it is especially rare to find someone with knowledge in international nonprofits. She has been an amazing mentor for me as well. I have so many takeaways! The one I need to remember the most - Do nothing without prayer."


"Being connected to Carie was a Great Blessing!! She made me realize I needed to take a day from work and just sat still and pray and listen to God for guidance and direction for my life and my nonprofit. I am thankful for all the information and support Carrie has given me . I greatly admire and respect Carrie and all the work she is doing for God and His people."  



Action-takers will also get these sky-rocketing, high impact bonuses:


Do you need actionable steps to help you achieve the goals that God has given you so you can life your best life possible?

 Our 4 step GOALS COURSE gives you visuals to see your goals in front of you and remind you daily to take action in achieving what God is calling you to.


Are you living in confusion and overwhelm not knowing where to start to get major impact and momentum in your nonprofit?  
Let’s STOP this!  

Our one-on-one Vision Clarity Coaching Session brings clarity on vision which gives you a funnel to pour all decisions though!    
Let’s start making GOD choices, not just good ones, then you will start making an impact, ending suffering, and transforming lives.


Are you funding your nonprofit only out of your own personal funds?

Are you stressed day and night about funding your nonprofit?

These are not the plan God has for you….   This one-on-one Funding Strategy Coaching session will get you to the best funding strategy for you FAST!  

You will live with ease and grace, not sleepless nights and overwhelm.   

Meet Carrie Reichartz

As a retired lawyer and founder of two successful nonprofits, I teach women who are overwhelmed when starting or growing their nonprofit ministry to soar.

I enjoyed my first profession as a practicing attorney, where I was named a “Rising Star Lawyer” by Milwaukee Magazine until I found my life’s work and passion on a mission trip to Kenya that changed my life forever.  

I left law to start my own business and also "give a voice" to women who have suffered emotional trauma including exiting of sex trafficking.  

I am fighting systemic spiritual, emotional, and financial poverty for young moms in Mombasa, Kenya through Operation Give Hope, the first nonprofit I established.

Now through Infinitely More Life, I and my team, speak around the world helping people recognize and acknowledge life traumas, work through them with Christ, and turn them into triumphs through conferences, books, and online events and gatherings.

I have assisted 100s to start their own domestic or international nonprofits over the years since I left law.

Meet Shawnee Penkacik

As a social media and tech expert, Shawnee has helped many business owners brand and market their businesses successfully. She has enjoyed doing this since 2001,

In 2018, she joined the Infinitely More Life/Mercy's Light Family team as the social media and marketing coordinator.

Today she is serving 1,900/day through social media encouragement, prayer, Bible studies, and hosting of several conferences a year in my nonprofit work at Infinitely More Life.

Shawnee has also raised tens of thousands of dollars for many nonprofit organizations. In less than 3 years, through just a few simple Facebook fundraisers, I have raised over $10,000 for one organization. I have also secured 30 monthly sponsors at $29/month for girls recovering from sex trafficking in Kenya. In one Giving Tuesday campaign I assisted an organization in reaching their goal of securing $7,000 for land needed for their work in the Dominican Republic.

The Christian Rocketeers Nonprofit Startup Certification Program gives you the complete system we’ve used to launch 100’s of successful nonprofits.


✓ Complete training and coaching on how to attract donors so you build the mindset and confidence to ask for and receive the funding you’ll need.

✓ Proven frameworks for organizing every aspect of your nonprofit so you can quickly create an organization that works - even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

✓ Equip you to properly complete all the legal IRS and State paperwork so you are ready to take on larger partnerships and donations.

✓ Clarity on how to share exactly what your nonprofit is and clearly communicate how others can join you in this mission.

✓ Blueprint for successful social media marketing campaigns so that you can jump start donations quickly.

✓ Access to a thriving community so that you can stay empowered even on the hard days. Plug in play templates to do all this work.

✓  Plug in play templates to do all this work.

Everything we teach in this program works today. We know that because we’re in the trenches everyday fundraising, managing, leading and growing several nonprofits both in the US and in Kenya ourselves.

We know this works. We know you can do it!

If you do the work and don’t successfully launch your nonprofit organization, we’ll refund every penny.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get when you enroll in the Christian Rocketeers Nonprofit Startup Certification Program

All the Course Content  

Access to the 8 module course: short videos, worksheets, and other materials for 1 year so you can revisit all of the instruction and templates as much as you need while you grow your nonprofit.

Live Group Coaching

2 per month group coaching sessions with Carrie, Shawnee and team to get all of your questions answered and help overcoming any obstacles you encounter. 


 Access to our Christian Rocketeers MasterMind Group where you receive constant support and prayer. 

In addition, you’ll also receive these special bonuses completely free!

• All you need to get the legal process started for your nonprofit - A template to get you started on your incorporation articles & bylaws & conflict of interest policies.

 • A special mystery gift that sky-rockets nonprofits from going in circles and hoping for money to moving forward everyday and making incredible, miraculous impact in no time!

• A special mystery gift that sky-rockets nonprofits from going in circles and hoping for money to moving forward everyday and making incredible, miraculous impact in no time!

• The exact journaling process that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with ease and grace
  A masterclass on overcoming anxiety so you can go after your next big donation.

• Access to a full library of trainings. Learn from hundreds of previous experiences.

• Expand your impact in the work you are doing through our templates on mission experiences and funding.


You can spend over $44,000 on all the lawyers, accountants, and consultants you’d need to do this on your own. Or you can enroll in the Christian Rocketeers Nonprofit Startup Certification Program and get everything you need to launch for just $3,497.

I have questions...

Here are some of the questions many of our students have asked before joining the program.
How do I know this will work for me?
We work with everyone in the program to create a personalized success plan and we guide you through implementing the plan. We’ve been doing this for 13 years and have turned hundreds of people just like you into successful nonprofit leaders. And just in case something goes wrong, we have a 100% money back guarantee (though no one has ever claimed it).

 Are you the right people to help me?
We’ve personally built successful nonprofit organizations and actively run them today. Our mentoring impacts over 1 million kids annually not only for Christ but also through schooling, food distribution, fighting & healing sex trafficking, business incubation projects and other social, emotional, and economic programs! And we’ve successfully taught 100’s to build their own organizations. We can do this! You can do this! Let’s do this together!

  I really want to do this, but I can’t afford it. What should I do?
 We understand. Sometimes money is tight. If this is you, schedule a call with us and we’ll help you find ways to get the funding to pay for it. If you’ve got any other questions about the program or are still on the fence about whether it’s right for you, schedule a call with Carrie
I'm already so busy, how can I find the time to do this?
Shawnee has 12 kids and manages her nonprofit. If she can find the time to do the work and help you do it, so can you. Our lives fill up with all kinds of stuff and it can feel like we couldn’t possibly do anything else. But here’s the reality, we choose what fills our time. People are suffering right now, and they’ll keep suffering until they get help. You have the power to help. The question is whether it’s important enough to you to make serving God and your fellow man a priority. 

So, what’s it going to be?

Will you continue living in fear and overwhelm not knowing what step to take next?  

Will you continue to run in circles and not make the impact God is calling you to?
Will you continue to be underfunded?  

It’s time to make a choice.

Your purchase of this course through Mercy's Light Family helps fight human trafficking and abuse.